5 Minute DIY Spool Christmas Craft


I have a love for old wooden thread spools. I nearly almost end up with a bag in my hand every time I stop in an antique store. The worn wood, the color of the thread left on some of them, the old branding stickers, I love it all. And thankfully, they are usually pretty cheap.

So, I pulled out some of my spools, my bin of Christmas craft supplies and I started making some quick ornaments and Christmas decor to share with you.


To start, gather some spools


Some other things you’ll need:
• glue
• glitter
• sheet music
• miniatures (trees, deer, etc.)
• twine/ribbon
• bells

bellspoolThis one was simply gluing a strip of natural fiber ribbon around an empty spool and pushing a green garland pipe cleaner through the spool to attach the bell. I looped it around the top, to use to hang. Red and white twine was then tied around the top of the bell.

treespoolThis little standing craft was a spool wrapped with sheet music.
You can find free to use vintage looking Christmas sheet music online, just do a search and you’ll find a lot of options.
I glittered the top and bottom of the spool, added a crocheted ribbon with the twine and glued a miniature tree to the top.
Perfect to stand next to some Christmas decor or even to tie on to the top of a wrapped gift.

ribbonspoolThis spool is wrapped with glittered twine and a bell was glued to a small piece of vintage tinsel garland. You may be surprised at how many antique stores not only have Christmas decor but also a lot of supplies too, so dig around!
The red and white twine was threaded through the spool to use as a hanger.

deerspoolYou can get so many adorable miniatures online or at your local craft store. I can’t get enough of these little deers. This spool was wrapped with a piece of Christmas paper and the deer was glued on top of the tinsel garland piece. I also added a little bit of clear glitter.

The possibilities are endless – hope this inspires you to grab some supplies and start crafting away!