An American Ninja Warrior Themed Party


This weekend we celebrated two of our boys, as they turn 6 and 4 this month.

One of our favorite shows to watch together as a family is American Ninja Warrior. So we turned the backyard into an obstacle course, fit for a bunch of ninjas.

We made most everything from items we had around the house or picked up at the local dollar store (pool noodles, floaty pool rings).
Here’s a breakdown of the course:

1_RunUpSlideDownNo. 1 we titled “Run Up/Slide Down”
They started at the ramp on the swing set, ran up and went down the slide, arriving at the next obstacle.

2_NinjaHelpsNo. 2 “Ninja Steps”
Lucky for us, an unexpected bathroom remodel led to us ripping out an old vanity and we cut it into pieces and attached it to some 4×4’s to come up with these ramps.

3_NoodleCrawlNo. 3 “Noodle Crawl”
Simple dollar store pool noodles arched over wood stakes in the ground and the kids crawled right through.

4_WebbedRopeNo. 4 “Webbed Rope”
We pushed some of my garden bamboo stakes in the ground and tied rope randomly around, for a step through obstacle.

5_WalkthePlankNo. 5 “Walk the Plank”
Again, just wood we had around the house – anchored together.

6and7No. 6 “Rope Balance”
Two ropes tied between trees made for a great balance obstacle.
No. 7 “Fast Feet”
Dollar store pool rings

8WallofHayNo. 8 We didn’t have a warped wall, but we did have a “Wall of Hay”
This is a great time of year to easily get some so we found a local source on Craigslist and had it delivered. The kids loved running up and over it.

anwfamA successful party!
And our own ninjas look a little sugared up!