Bias Tape Pennant Banner


You might remember the comic book page pennant banner we made for the recent superhero party.
A banner like this is a quick & simple project that can add something fun to a room- whether it be for a party, a holiday or simply to add some whimsy.

For this gal that loves the idea of sewing (but is still working on sewing a straight line) I decided to make this a no sew project, using bias tape, paper and hot glue.


What You’ll Need:


– Paper (I used sheet music-you could use book pages, scrapbook paper, anything)
– straight edge/ruler
– exacto knife
– hot glue gun/glue sticks
– double fold bias tape

paper_tearStep 1 – get your paper to the general size of the pennants you are going to want. My sheet music was large so I folded it in half, using my straight edge and simply tore the sheets in half. These sizes don’t have to be perfect because the sides will be trimmed off when cutting your triangles. Just look that the top for the width you are wanting.

cutting_pennantsStep 2 – Measure the width of your paper and mark the middle point at the bottom of your pieces. This is where you’ll be cutting down to.
Step 3 – Starting from either top corner, line up your straight edge from the corner down to your middle mark and trim off the sides. Do the same to the other side, so you end up with your pennant shape.

insertglueStep 4 – Roll out your bias tape and simply slide in your pennant pieces. The great thing about the double fold bias tape is that it is already folded & pressed for you and will show a finished look on both sides. Leave some length on each side, if desired for hanging or tying up.
Step 5 – Glue in each piece to make it your desired length and press down to remove any ripples along the way.
Step 6 – Flip entire banner over and repeat the gluing step on the back side.

bannerYou made a quick and easy banner!
Embellish, if desired.
Hang it up.
Admire your work.