Celebrating One Year

1 year

Today marks 1 year since I opened my Etsy shop.
I remember getting our letterpress items ready, designing new prints, posting everything and waiting to see what would happen. The first sale came in and I called Chad and shouted “Oh, my goodness, someone bought a card! What do I do?!” (Thankfully, I gathered myself together and then shipped it). 

My little Etsy shop has been such a blessing this past year. I have “met” so many wonderful people through it-people that provide me with encouragement simply by telling me what a certain print means to them. I’ve also been so blessed to be asked to create a variety of custom pieces-from wedding vows, poems, lyrics and scripture. It’s so rewarding to design something that personally means so much to another person.

I’m just a mom doing something I love and I’m so thankful for you. I’m daily blessed by every question, every comment, every sale. So let’s celebrate with a coupon code for the rest of the day.
For 20% off, please use coupon code “CELEBRATEONE” through midnight tonight.

Thank you for a great first year!