Floral Letter Tutorial


Today’s tutorial is super quick and easy once you have all your supplies. I think just about every craft store sells cardboard letters, so pick your favorite letter and let’s make it pretty!


What you’ll need:

• cardboard letter
(this one was about 12″ tall and 1.5″ deep)
• exacto knife/cutting blade
• flowers
(I’m not typically a fan of artificial flowers, but pick
some high quality ones in your favorite colors) 
• moss or something to use behind the flowers
• spray paint
• hot glue gun & glue

step1Step 1
Using an exacto knife, cut off the top layer of your letter and remove any inner pieces.

spraypaintStep 2
Spray paint, if you wish. I went with an aged gold.

moss_doubleStep 3
Using glue, fill letter with moss. I did this so green would show if there were any open spaces between flowers. This also helped giving the flowers a little bit of padding so they wouldn’t sink into the letter.

glueStep 4
Glue in your favorite flowers

And, there you go – you have yourself a pretty letter!
I think these would work great as initials in an engagement or wedding photo shoot.
Or you could do a bunch and spell out a name for a bedroom or party decor.
Have fun!