Home and The Shop Reopens!

I recently closed the Etsy shop as we prepared to leave for China.

We were in China for two weeks-learning more about our son’s country, meeting him, finalizing adoption paperwork, waiting for his passport, visa, consulate appointment and more. It was such an intense time but wonderful to spend that time with just us and him, focusing on getting to know him and learning his personality.

During our travels, we had a private Facebook page set up for family and friends to follow along-now I have to work in getting our trip down into posts to share here!

We recently returned home and amongst our many prayers, was one that the boys would love their new brother and it would be a smooth transition to suddenly have a new brother and that part has gone wonderfully. They are so sweet with him, often giving hugs and kisses and gently trying to tell him what he can and cannot do.
Yesterday, we had a fire in the fireplace and I heard Beckham saying
“You can’t touch fire, if you do you have to go to the doctor or the dentist.”
Little Mr. 3 year old is suddenly a big brother and it is so cute to watch.


While there is still a lot of adjustment, exhaustion and figuring out our new normal, I missed having the shop open and having that personal creative outlet so I wanted to share that Fancy That Design House has reopened.

Stay tuned for more cute little boy photos and new additions to the shop!