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Handmade Holiday Market & Giveaway

I just have to share an amazing giveaway that is going on right now.
Hannah, of put together a really special collection of handmade shops that you’ll want to check out for your holiday gift shopping.

On top of assembling the Handmade Holiday Market, she also put together one huge giveaway with items from the featured shops.

Here are some of the shops and giveaway items.


HHM2For more information on each shop, discount codes, and to enter for your chance to win, head on over here.




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5 Minute DIY Spool Christmas Craft


I have a love for old wooden thread spools. I nearly almost end up with a bag in my hand every time I stop in an antique store. The worn wood, the color of the thread left on some of them, the old branding stickers, I love it all. And thankfully, they are usually pretty cheap.

So, I pulled out some of my spools, my bin of Christmas craft supplies and I started making some quick ornaments and Christmas decor to share with you.


To start, gather some spools


Some other things you’ll need:
• glue
• glitter
• sheet music
• miniatures (trees, deer, etc.)
• twine/ribbon
• bells

bellspoolThis one was simply gluing a strip of natural fiber ribbon around an empty spool and pushing a green garland pipe cleaner through the spool to attach the bell. I looped it around the top, to use to hang. Red and white twine was then tied around the top of the bell.

treespoolThis little standing craft was a spool wrapped with sheet music.
You can find free to use vintage looking Christmas sheet music online, just do a search and you’ll find a lot of options.
I glittered the top and bottom of the spool, added a crocheted ribbon with the twine and glued a miniature tree to the top.
Perfect to stand next to some Christmas decor or even to tie on to the top of a wrapped gift.

ribbonspoolThis spool is wrapped with glittered twine and a bell was glued to a small piece of vintage tinsel garland. You may be surprised at how many antique stores not only have Christmas decor but also a lot of supplies too, so dig around!
The red and white twine was threaded through the spool to use as a hanger.

deerspoolYou can get so many adorable miniatures online or at your local craft store. I can’t get enough of these little deers. This spool was wrapped with a piece of Christmas paper and the deer was glued on top of the tinsel garland piece. I also added a little bit of clear glitter.

The possibilities are endless – hope this inspires you to grab some supplies and start crafting away!


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Sneak Peek!

Just wanted to share a sneak peek of a new product I’ve been working on.

Canvas Wall Hanging Prints!

Come January, a few new prints will be added to the shop on this gorgeous, textured woven canvas, mounted to rustic wood trim.

I’m enjoying working with this new medium and I snuck a few limited edition calendars into the shop.
Head on over now to grab yours before they are gone!


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Painting a Wood Floor – Project Complete

You may remember the sad state of our dining room floor from my previous post.
Gaps so big we almost lost small children in them, misaligned wood, bad color, etc.

Well, not wanting to put a lot of money into that floor right now (but still wanting to update it) we decided to paint it.
And so, here is the story of painting a wood floor.


This is not so much a tutorial, but a small account of our experience. I had done some Pinterest research and had found so many cool looking painted wood floors. And after deciding what we wanted it to look like, we just went for it. No real plans to follow, as painting wood is pretty basic, right? I was just hoping it would turn out and I wouldn’t end up writing a fail post!

So, again – we had a lot of large gaps in our parquet flooring. So our first step was to putty those up and sand them down. I wasn’t too concerned about filling all the gaps. Although we were painting the wood floors, I wasn’t trying to hide that they were wood, so I didn’t mind that you were still going to see the pattern of our flooring underneath our paint.

After filling gaps and sanding them down, we then did a quick primer layer (forgot to take a pic). Just your basic white primer.

Next was the base color. I painted 3 coats (this particular color was Behr Ethiopia).

Then came the tricky part. The stencil.

stencil(see you can still see the pattern of our parquet flooring – I like that)

I had a couple stencils (various sized flowers) and my initial plan was to tape the stencil down and to simply paint in. Well, they were so big and with so many petal openings they were just naturally popping up so I knew I wasn’t even going to attempt classic stenciling. That’s when I decided to simply trace each flower and hand paint them all in. I’m SO glad we went that route. I think it ended up being such a cleaner look than had a tried to paint with the stencil in place.

This also allowed me to outline a couple down and get a better feel for placement. I really did not want the floor flowers to look contrived or patterned but to be more organically tossed on the floor.


Each large flower took about an hour to outline and paint. I think there are 13 on the floor with even more of the smaller flowers. I had really hoped this would be a weekend project but with the flowers taking longer than expected it ended up taking a bit longer than that.

After the flowers were painted I sealed with a satin polyurethane. I may eventually sand it down a bit, as the finish is a bit shinier than I like or was expecting.

PaintWoodFloorSo, that’s it! We painted a wood floor.
Is there a project you have been wanting to try but have been putting it off out of a little bit of fear? Can you believe we were hesitant to do this project? Look at the flooring before! There was no way we could end up with something that looked worse, right? Whenever a project comes into mind and I’m not sure if I should pursue it I’m reminded of a post (from years back now) written by my favorite blogger, Emily, who posted simply about living where you live. About letting loose a little bit in your home.
After all, your home reflects the personalities of those inside, right?

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Painting our Dining Room Floor

I’m painting our dining room floor.

Yep, painting over a wood floor. Maybe I’m crazy but when you see the floor in its current state, you’ll think we are crazy for not doing something sooner.


When we bought our home, we were told that the original owner, although an attorney by profession, was truly passionate about woodworking and he had done all the woodwork throughout the home. We learned that the flooring in our living room was reclaimed from a local university stage floor and this parquet flooring in our dining room was salvaged from a hospital.

Now I love repurposing, but this flooring had seen better days. There are gaps all over, it’s not aligned and our socks are constantly getting caught on pieces that are falling out! Seriously, it’s an eyesore. However, we moved in – worked on other projects, added 3 children to our family, and just threw an area rug and table over this floor.

Over the years we talked about it, but didn’t do anything to it because we thought one day we may want to replace and unify a large portion of the main level flooring.

And there it still sits.

And since every fall I get an itch for home projects, I’m doing something about it.
And for now, that something is paint.

Some inspiration I’ve found:


{ via }


{ via }


{ via }


{ via }

So today, on a whim, I grabbed some wood filler and a putty knife.
Gaps be gone!


The floor is currently a wood filled mess waiting to be sanded but to me, it’s already an improvement.


I won’t be going yellow, but stay tuned!

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