The One I Need

The past couple of weeks have been difficult, for a variety of reasons.
In my typical fashion, when a situation arises I feel the need to take control and fix it. All too often I rely on my own self sufficiency, considering myself to be strong and having things under control.

Well, I’m being reminded that not everything is in my control and more importantly, God is not glorified in any so called “strength” of mine. He is glorified in my admitted weakness and complete dependency on Him.
A lesson I go through often!

This summer we salvaged a nativity set from a garage sale. I knew it was missing pieces but we brought it home and packed it away with our Christmas items. The other day I was setting it up and shouted to Chad in the other room that we were missing more than I thought we were. And then I unwrapped this and I said
“but I have the one I need”


I don’t think I realized how I needed to say those words again and take it in, very literally.
He is the One I need.
I am weak, He is strong.
He is in control.
All my hope is in my Savior and that is all I need.