Painting our Dining Room Floor

I’m painting our dining room floor.

Yep, painting over a wood floor. Maybe I’m crazy but when you see the floor in its current state, you’ll think we are crazy for not doing something sooner.


When we bought our home, we were told that the original owner, although an attorney by profession, was truly passionate about woodworking and he had done all the woodwork throughout the home. We learned that the flooring in our living room was reclaimed from a local university stage floor and this parquet flooring in our dining room was salvaged from a hospital.

Now I love repurposing, but this flooring had seen better days. There are gaps all over, it’s not aligned and our socks are constantly getting caught on pieces that are falling out! Seriously, it’s an eyesore. However, we moved in – worked on other projects, added 3 children to our family, and just threw an area rug and table over this floor.

Over the years we talked about it, but didn’t do anything to it because we thought one day we may want to replace and unify a large portion of the main level flooring.

And there it still sits.

And since every fall I get an itch for home projects, I’m doing something about it.
And for now, that something is paint.

Some inspiration I’ve found:


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So today, on a whim, I grabbed some wood filler and a putty knife.
Gaps be gone!


The floor is currently a wood filled mess waiting to be sanded but to me, it’s already an improvement.


I won’t be going yellow, but stay tuned!