Scalloped Felt Circle Tree Tutorial

I was flipping through the Land of Nod catalog the other day and saw this page of cute Christmas decor.
Next I knew, I was in Michaels getting a tree form and online picking out some felt circles to put together this super easy (and fast) tutorial.


What you’ll Need:

• foam cone/tree form
• felt circles (I used 1.5″ circles from here)
• pins
• glue
• candlestick (optional)


1. Starting at the bottom, place one pin at the top of each circle and work your way around the cone (slightly overlapping each one)
2. Work your way up, overlapping each lower row
3. When you get to the top, glue together two circles to place on top as the point of the tree
4. Place it on a candlestick, if you wish – and you’re done!

It’s about a 20 min. project – so simple, right?!

Spy that wreath in the background of the catalog page up there?
That’s next on my “diy list”
It should be the exact same technique, just going around a wreath form.