Felt Gift Pom Pom Tutorial


It’s that time of the year to wrap, wrap and wrap.

I love the idea of “brown paper packages tied up with strings.” Here’s a twist on that using yarn instead of string and adding some fun with these felt gift pom poms. It’s a little addition of something special on a present & you can use it any time of the year:

What You’ll Need:


– felt
– scissors
– glue gun
– ruler (if you want to be perfect on your sizes)

Step 1 – Stack two pieces of felt on top of one another


Step 2 – Cut a strip about 1 inch wide from the felt (the long way). The two pieces of felt will naturally stick together ¬†well while you cut both pieces at once. From there, take your double layered 1″ strip and start cutting into it, leaving about 1/4″ at the bottom. You can space these cuts out as close or far apart as you’d like (mine are about 1/4″ wide)


Step 3 – Glue together the two pieces of felt on the uncut edge & then start to roll, gluing every once in a while as rolling it in.


Step 4 – Continue to roll until you reach the end, and there you have it-a felt gift pom pom! Fluff it up and you’re done. You can play around with the width of your strips to make different sized ones. Have fun!