That’s a fancy sweatshirt you’re wearing

While I enjoy following fashion trends, the reality of my life is that I’m blessed to have a job that allows me to work from home. And unless I’m going out, I can often be found in yoga pants doing anything but yoga (I have nothing against yoga…love it actually, just have yet to squeeze it back in my schedule after having children two years in a row a couple years back).

So, how fun is it to see the comfy sweatshirt all fancied up these days? There are lace, sweater & sheer insets, crocheted elements, your grandma’s floral patterns and more incorporated into the classic sweatshirt.

Here’s a collection of some that are out there now. I’m personally in love with the Anthropologie ones in the first row but my budget will settle for that fantastic bold graphic floral print one from Urban Outfitters or the lace one from Forever 21.

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