The Bee’s Knees

Just wanted to share some jewelry I’m loving these days from the ever so talented (and super sweet) Hannah over at the Happy Days shop.
Feathers, arrows, birds and more! Check out some of these designs…





And…the bee:

Now, even I think this is cute and I’m deathly afraid of bees.
Bees, yellow jackets, hornets, wasps…whatever you want to call them. I know they are different and they do good things like pollenate but a little incident as a teen of getting stung inside my mouth has left me a little timid of the creatures.
(That’s what I get for talking a lot while riding a bike…a bee in the mouth)

Want to know what makes Hannah the bee’s knees besides all the cute jewelry?
She uses her talents and shop to bless others. Just take a look at her shop and you’ll see pieces that she sells where part of the purchase price goes to a cause. That’s awesome.

Now go…cute jewelry awaits you and you’ll feel so good about your purchase!