Winter Pinecone Pal Tutorial


This weekend I took my little nieces out to the craft store and we then had an afternoon of winter projects and hot chocolate.
This pinecone cutie is one of the things we made.

What You’ll Need:

• pinecone
• wooden ball for head
• clothespin for skis
• felt for hat
• yarn or any material for scarf
• glitter and embellishments
• hot glue gun
• pen/marker

skiisTake apart the clothespin and apply glue/glitter. I just quickly sprayed them with a spray adhesive and sprinkled the glitter on.

Set your pinecone down with the flat side on the bottom, then gently break off a couple pieces from the top to get your wooden head shape to fit nicely.
{note, my pinecone came glittered, you can leave plain or add glitter detail yourself}


This is where I got bad with the photos…but it’s so easy, here are the steps:
Glue the head to the pinecone.
Glue the pinecone bottom to the skis.
Draw on any face detail you would like to the wooden ball.
Wrap fabric/yarn around for a scarf.
And embellish, as desired.


I made his hat by cutting a semi circle of felt and simply wrapping it into a cone shape and hot gluing that to the wooden head.

You can add any detail you like, such as arms or sticks for ski poles, etc.

Have fun!