Wooden Spool Message Tutorial


There are a handful of things I always keep my eyes open for when I’m at an antique store. Among them are old, wooden spools. Empty or full of thread, I love them. I always think I’ll find a use for them and here’s a tutorial on one of those uses.


What You’ll Need:
supplies_spool_message– fabric to cut into strip
– hot glue gun
– letter stamps/stamp pad
– ruler
– scissors
– embellishments (ribbon, twine, washi tape, lace, etc.)

measure_spool_widthStep 1 – Measure the width of your spool and cut a strip of your fabric at that width

stamp_messageStep 2 – stamp your message

glue_tape_endStep 3 – Glue the end of the fabric strip to your spool. I added washi tape to mine to “pretty it up”

roll_punchStep 4 – roll up fabric around spool and punch a hole at the end (if you wish)

tie_twineStep 5 – loop twine in punched hole and wrap around spool

embellishStep 6 – Embellish, as desired. Pass on to those you love as a special keepsake!