Choosing Joy in January

January 12, 2013

I've been hit with a case of the January blues. Tell me I'm not the only one who gets a bit down when seeing another week forecast calling for temperatures in the teens but with wind chills we will be lucky to have it feel like 4 degrees. This happens every year, I really should be ready for it. The gloomy weather coupled with the every day mommy routine and little ones that have abundant energy and an obvious case of cabin fever have made it a bit trying this year.

But it wasn't until I looked at a thread of texts I sent Chad that I became convicted of my complaining. I think sometimes, the monotony of the simple every day routine can slowly steal our joy and thankfulness for what we do have. I have a choice in how to react to everything that comes my way through the day. I can easily lose my own patience while trying to teach my little boys why they need to have it or I can slow down and be thankful to have this time with them.

I'm making a conscious decision to daily find things to be thankful for this month rather than letting my attitude follow the downward trend of the thermometer.

I have a new print coming to the shop, serving as a reminder to myself and I hope you like it too!


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