Bunnies, Chicks and Eggs

March 01, 2013

Happy March!

Easter falls in March this year and I’m curious on how you decorate for the holiday.
Is it baskets, bunnies, chicks and eggs? It can be hard to find anything else. But when what we’re really celebrating is what was done on the cross I can struggle to find the fit between the cute, cuddly critters and the life changing news of the resurrection.

So, this year cute little Easter animals got together and decided to share the news:


It is a new print in the shop and the message in those three words “He is risen!” has the power to change everything.

Jesus trampled death and rose from the dead. And because He conquered death there is no more sting or fear in it. And He did this for us and we didn’t deserve it. There is nothing we can do to earn God’s grace. Jesus took care of it all and that is why we celebrate.

So, this year (alongside my bunnies and eggs) this print will sit as a reminder of the three words that bring me life.


Want a chance to win this print?
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