Color Tinted Glass Jars

March 13, 2013

Calling all spaghetti sauce jars, jelly & jam jars, pickle jars and more!
For some reason, I am always saving our glass jars-to the point where I have a ridiculous collection. I know that some of them will be used as bug collecting jars this summer for the boys, but I still have way too many and yet I’m always telling myself I’ll find a useful or fun way to reuse them.

I was searching around on Pinterest the other week and I came across this post on how to color tint jars into the classic blue look of vintage mason jars. I love and collect those old, vintage blue Ball jars. What I was actually drawn to was the lone dark jar in the corner of that pinned photo.

Perfect! I had something to try with my growing glass jar collection.

It was definitely an experiment and this tutorial isn’t specific down to the number of drops of food coloring-just try it and play around with whatever color you have in mind. This was a messy project but rewarding to see your clear glass take on a variety of color.

What You’ll Need:

– empty glass jars
– mixing bowls
– newspaper
– paper towels
– parchment paper
– mod podge
– food coloring
– stir stick/small spoon
– oven

Step 1
– Mix Mod Podge, water and food coloring in a small bowl. If you are doing just one small jar, I came to the conclusion that about 1 TBSP of mod podge with a little less than 1/2 TBSP of water is a good mix. I did a lot of jars at once, so I started making larger batches and would add slightly more of different color with each jar to see how it would change the finished look.

Step 2 – prep a baking sheet or pan by lining it with newpaper.

Step 3 – pour your mixture in your jar and rotate it around to completely cover the inside of it. Have paper towel or another jar ready when you get to the mouth of the jar. Make sure every spot of the jar is covered.
Step 4 – Set your covered jar upside down on your prepared baking sheet.
Repeat these steps if you’re doing more than one jar and change up your color mixture slightly, if desired.

Step 5
– let them sit upside down like this for about an hour. The extra mixture is running down the sides and letting them sit will help reduce streaks. In the meantime, prepare another baking sheet by lining it with parchment paper.
Step 6 – After an hour, turn your jars right side up and place them on your clean parchment paper lined baking sheet. You’ll notice a puddle of your mixture left on the newspaper-easy clean up, bundle it up and throw it away.
Step 7 – place the tray with your jars right side up in a warm oven (225˚) for about 45 min. If you notice streaks, leave them in longer.
Step 8 – Remove from oven and let cool.


Now for some bad news
1. some streaks are inevitable, especially with darker colors
2. I’ve read that if you don’t like your color you can basically scrub it out and start the process over. This didn’t work for me. When I tried to wash one out, the color remained but got cloudy and opaque vs. remaining transparent.
3. Because of that, these jars aren’t the best for vase use with water.
But they’re great on their own or with some dried foliage.

Have fun experimenting with your own!


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