Corliss – Something New at Fancy That

March 13, 2015

Something new and exciting is coming to Fancy That Design House & Co.!

A little while back I cut up a vintage apron I had to make myself a necklace because I liked the little floral pattern on it.
Well, that necklace has since turned into many more and so Corliss was started.

If you know me personally, you know that I love perusing antique stores and digging for treasures at flea markets. I love family history, photos, and heirlooms. So the name, Corliss, came from family. It’s my grandmother, pictured below.

In this line, you’ll find lots of florals. Some are vintage inspired and some are bold and graphic. Each with beads that either accent the print or add a pop of color.

The news is that the shop is opening this Sunday, March 15th at 8:00 pm (Central)

You can help spread the word and by doing so, be entered for a chance to win a necklace!
Follow along on Instagram for the details

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