Good From Far (But Oh, So Far From Good)

September 04, 2013


Next time I get the bright idea to stencil a wall, remind me not to.
Oh, just kidding…I only need to walk into our bathroom for that reminder.

The other day I removed a piece of artwork from one of our bathrooms and realized it was hung with the use of wall anchors, thus leaving some holes I needed to fill and touch up with paint. Then I realized this was the only room we hadn’t repainted ourselves from when we moved in a few years back. So, it looked like a great time to repaint the bathroom. And hey, why not stencil a wall pattern while I was at it?!

So, I picked up this random chevron/herringbone pattern stencil and got to work. Painted my first color throughout the room and had just enough paint, phew!

Then I grabbed my super big stencil sheet and taped it on the wall and started painting in. I then lifted my stencil to admire my work.



One repeat pattern in and I considered stopping. But I decided to line up my pattern and move onto the second row. I had read either a foam dabber or a foam roller works well. I had both and I tried both. As I finished the second one I slowly lifted up the stencil and was once again completely bummed by the lack of straight, clean lines. Do I stop now and simply repaint the wall? Oh, that’s right…I just noted how excited I was that I had just enough paint to finish the base color. Ok, I’m no quitter, I started this wall stencil-I was going to finish it! Even if it was just to learn that I should never stencil again.

I carried on and you can see my final result. It’s ok if you look at it from far and kind of cross your eyes, but I’m one to notice the details. So, it will remain on our wall until I decide to go get more paint and paint over it.


If I did it again, I would cut the stencil and simply made the randomness of the pattern myself (the stencil sheet being so large was really difficult to work with). I also would simply use a pencil and trace the shape from the stencil and then paint it in by hand, to keep the lines clean. Another option (more expensive but no worries of paint and blurred lines) is to do what  Tatertots & Jello did and use a vinyl sticker decal.

Hope you learned from my mistakes!

P.S. Best part of this room…the sweet hoops. They are from Christie at Storehouse Crafts.

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