He Sees the Details

February 03, 2014

You know those moments…those moments when you are going through something frustrating and then at the end you see how God used the situation to show how much He loves you and that He sees and cares about every little detail?

For a little over a week now, I’ve been dealing with a couple bizarre shipping issues with the US Postal Service. I’ve always used them to ship my shop orders and have never had any major problems. Well, the other day I dropped off a handful of packages at the post office and two of the packages were scanned in as “delivered” rather than as “accepted” at the post office. So, that was it. The tracking numbers showed that the orders were done in the system and they were delivered when in reality, they only made it to the post office and never left town.

I made numerous calls to the USPS (not a fun task), no one ever called back like they said they would & I ended up with multiple case numbers (as they kept closing the cases out, claiming they were delivered). In the meantime, I put together new packages for my customers and sent them out a second time while still following up with the first deliveries.

I later learned that customer no. 1 eventually received both deliveries, but customer no. 2 didn’t. It wasn’t until later in the week when I heard that she received the second delivery and lo and behold, the post man also found the original package in a snow bank nearby.

{ sidenote: seriously done with winter when we have so much snow that packages are unearthed from snow piles }

I was so happy that the original packages made it (as well as the second deliveries) but it didn’t end there.

We are getting really close in traveling to China for our adoption. And with that, the final cost sheet will eventually come our way, noting our biggest expenses yet in the process. This has been on my mind lately.

Both customers, on their own accord, felt that they somehow needed to pay for the second delivery I sent their way (even after I assured them they didn’t have to).
But both women, in different states of the country, were faithful in listening to the little nudge that God gave them and they each individually had the idea of donating to our adoption fund!

My frustration and worry led me to a testimony of God’s faithfulness. Those moments are like getting a sweet hug from God-little reminders that He sees and cares about every single detail.

Only God!

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