It’s Been 4 months

July 03, 2014

Yesterday marked 4 months since meeting our third son in China.
The day you first meet your child and he or she is placed into your arms is often referred to as “Gotcha Day.”
We plan to celebrate this as a “family day” as we are so grateful for his addition into our family.


We flew into his home province from Beijing and when we landed we were told by our guide that we would be heading to the hotel and when we got there we would be meeting him in 20 minutes.

Our van driver drove swiftly through mountains, traffic, and construction and we stared out the windows trying to take in our little boy’s land. I nervously looked over our itinerary and paged through paperwork between taking cell phone video of the city and countryside and making small talk with our guide. After a long van ride, we had arrived.

We checked in and our guide once again confirmed where we would be meeting in just 20 minutes. So we headed up to our room to put down our luggage, gather paperwork, some toys, and to pray. The hotel room was prepared for us and there was a small crib next to our bed.
I stood over it, thinking, “Our son is going to be in our arms today!”
I just couldn’t get over the fact that the time had come. After pursuing him and pushing through the adoption process, this was it! We were about to meet the child that God had chosen for our family.

It was time to go to the hotel meeting room and so we left our room and headed to the nearest elevator only to learn that specific elevator didn’t go to the floor we needed to go to. We nervously went back downstairs, past the front desk to get directed and find the conference room. We weren’t sure what to expect. Would he be in the room already? Would we get there first? Who would be bringing him, would he be sad to see that person go?

We were quickly ushered in to the room and there he was. Sitting happily on a chair, all bundled up and holding a snack. I’m quite sure we didn’t see anyone else in the room at that moment as we dropped to our knees to meet him.


We showed him a photo album similar to the one we had sent to him. We never knew if the care package we had sent actually made it to him so we were overjoyed when he pointed to his brothers saying “gege” (meaning older brother in Mandarin). It was clear he had seen their photos before and it was confirmed later when we saw the album in his bag.

4 months.
The 2nd of each month will forever bring me back to these moments. The day we became a family of five. A lot has happened in the past 4 months. It’s not always the easiest journey but we know without a doubt that he is worth it and we don’t walk alone.


And seeing him each day giggling with his “geges” is a gift we are so grateful for.

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