It’s been a whirlwind!

February 21, 2014

Oh where to begin?!
The adoption journey is full of anxious waiting and even though this last wait was short in comparison to others along the way, it felt so long because it was the last approval standing between us and getting to China to meet our little one! So after waiting through Chinese New Year and our agency having a closing due to snow, we got word of our Travel Approval (TA) last Friday and then the consulate was closed for a long weekend so we couldn’t confirm our Consulate Appointment (CA) until Tuesday. And then Tuesday became Wednesday.

So, this past Wednesday we found out we are leaving for China next week! Crazy, exciting, throwing things in suitcases, dancing, preparing the boys, finalizing flights, all kinds of fun!

The boys are thrilled. Colton has been saving some change really wanting to buy his brother a gift. When he got a dollar in a Valentine’s card from grandma and he shrieked “Now I can really get something big for him!” Seeing his generous heart towards his brother makes me so happy.


So he counted out his savings and we had a little date night and headed to Target to pick out a gift. After much deliberation, he settled on a Spiderman.

Beckham wanted to show him the prize he picked out at the dentist today, a dinosaur he hasn’t put down.

beck2I think he was “roaring” at him here.
A sign of love, I’m sure.

We are all so excited about what God has in store.
And we can’t wait to bring our third little boy home to our family!

We will meet in less than a week!

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