Our Family Announcement

April 23, 2013

When I started this blog (not long ago) I asked myself how personal I would get with posts. I’m a pretty introverted person, until I have a good relationship with someone. It’s not that I’m guarded, I’m just not super outgoing and I prefer not to draw too much attention to myself.

And to be quite honest, it’s pretty easy to sit behind a screen and post about design, things I like and diy projects without getting too personal.

But I questioned…
“why have a blog if you aren’t going to talk a little about yourself?”
“If you want readers to connect with you, you are going to have to get personal, right?”
Well, I never set any ground rules for myself on the topic and I figured I’d simply take it as it comes.

Recently, we started an exciting family journey and I knew right away that I had to share about it because it’s been a topic I have poured over on other blogs and I have found them to be so helpful. Every story I’ve read, every bit of information-it is all useful.

And so we begin, our story of adoption…


Adoption is something that Chad and I have talked about and prayed about for years. We have been blessed to have two boys of our own and through the years of them being born we still talked about possibly adding to our family one day through adoption.
We are so excited to now be taking those steps!

Right now, we are in the home study process and working on raising funds. One thing I’ve learned since looking into this and starting this adventure is that there can be a lot of fear involved. Fear of such a long and involved procedure, fear of the unknown-worrying about your child-what they are going through in an orphanage, fear of the costs of adoption, etc.
This already has been such an awesome experience of daily giving our concerns to God and fully trusting that He will walk us through this and He has the perfect child for our family.

Since we started this journey, a recurring phrase has been running through my head:

“He can move mountains”

And since I think in terms of graphics, I also had a design in mind for that. So, I’m adding a print to the shop – the first one that personally is related to the adoption. I’m so thankful for everyone that supports my little Etsy shop. Please know that purchases from the shop do help us get further in the adoption process.


We are trusting that God will move mountains to make this adoption happen!
Do you have a mountain? He can move it!

Stay tuned, I’m sure there will be many more posts on our adoption adventure.

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