Our Thankful Tree & A Weekend Discount!

November 27, 2014

This year we started what will become an annual tradition for us, our Thankful Tree.

I first saw this idea a couple years back on Emily’s blog, here.
Now that our boys are getting older and can understand thankfulness and gratitude, it’s been a lot of fun having the older two write or tell us what they are thankful for.


At times I’ve had to remind them and other times they just excitedly say out of the blue “I want to add something I’m thankful for to the tree!”

So, among being thankful for things like “trees because they make clean air” and “my dinosaur transformer” I see this one that reads “Jesus” and that makes me so happy – that our boys know the root of all our gratitude.


I will be holding on to the tags every year and look forward to reading them as our collection grows.

And now for a shop discount for the big weekend.
You can save 20% on items in the shop, Friday through Monday.
Simply enter coupon code THANKFULWEEKEND at checkout.
The first 10 orders over $50 will receive a one of a kind letterpress/watercolor print!


I’m thankful for you and the support you show my shop!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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