So close to Travel!

February 07, 2014

I can’t believe we are here.
We are in our last approval wait of this process. The wait for our Travel Approval.
Now that the CCCWA has reopened (after Chinese New Year) we are just waiting to hear “you got your TA!” After that, it is all systems go. A consulate appointment is made and travel is booked!

So close to meeting our newest son.
I can’t wait to look into his bright eyes and to hold him. I’m nervous that he will be so scared. But we pray that God is preparing him for us (and us for him). I think about that day and that moment all the time and it makes my heart and eyes swell up. I think about us being a family of 5, his two older brothers talk about him all the time and include him in daily conversations, family drawings and future plans.

Now, I’m just daydreaming of where we’ll be when we hear those two wonderful letters “T-A”
(and the scream I’ll let out or the dance I’ll break into).

Because I know this day is coming, I will soon be closing the shop temporarily as we prepare for and travel to China. So, let’s have a sale and a giveaway!

Please use coupon code “FTTA15” upon checkout for 15% off your purchase through Sunday, 2/9.

And hop on over to my Instagram to see how you can win this print.

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