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January 03, 2014

1/3/14 will always be such a special date.

Once we started this adoption journey, I began learning how often one notes dates along the process. Maybe it can be related to a pregnancy and the date you hear your child’s heartbeat or the date you have your first ultrasound or feel the baby kick inside of you. Only with adoption you are celebrating paperwork completion, approvals, and then the great things like receiving your child’s referral, seeing their face for the first time and getting approval to travel.

Our adoption has been moving along swiftly lately. We had been on the wait for our LOA (another thing I quickly learned is that the adoption process is full of acronyms and I was so lost in the beginning trying to figure it all out!). The LOA is our Letter of Acceptance and it is a huge thing to celebrate once you get it because it is one of the most unpredictable in terms of wait. On 12/19/13 we received word from our agency that we had our “soft” LOA and it’s a moment I won’t forget. I was painting a bedroom and almost dropped the roller because I was shocked we had gotten it so soon. We got our approval in about 45 days and sadly, some families have to wait much longer without any rhyme or reason. The best part was that my friend, who was on day 134 of her wait got the exact same news that day.

We got our “official” LOA on 12/23/13 and it was the best Christmas present we could ask for. The Christmas season had begun getting difficult for me. Every special tradition we did reminded me that there was another son that was supposed to be along side us but he was on the other side of the world and we were working our way through a process. Hanging stockings on the mantle, the boys’ baby ornaments on the tree, making gingerbread houses – everything made my heart ache to bring our third baby boy home. So, getting our LOA at Christmastime was such a blessing and so good for my heart!

After getting LOA things become much more predictable and we’ve moved onto more paperwork and applied for our visas…actually the mailman just delivered  our passports back in the middle of typing this, check one more thing off our list!

So what makes today, 1/3/14 so wonderful?
Today we saw our son’s huge smile for the first time and there are no words to describe how happy it makes me. We only have a few photos of him and we cherish each and every one. What we received today shows him with such a big, joyful smile.
I sat our oldest son down to share the photos and he exclaimed “Oh mom, he’s smiling!”
I am so thankful to see him so happy.
And I cannot wait to wrap my arms around that little boy with the big smile, wobbly legs and eyes full of spunk.
Not long now, little one!

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