The Loveseat

August 16, 2013

I walked into Goodwill the other day with the boys and walked right past it. It wasn’t until we were leaving – a boy on each arm, pulling me in opposite directions that I saw it. Well actually, there were two of them. I stopped in my tracks, and didn’t mind that my arms were nearly being pulled out.

The colors. The texture. The shape.

It all called to me and I gasped.

I immediately freed a hand and touched the thick, plush upholstery and took a seat. I then looked at the price tag and my heart dropped. A fair price, indeed, for this gorgeous piece of furniture, but too steep for us. I sighed, took a photo and sent it to my husband telling him about the beauty. I told him there were two – one was a bit larger and had arms, but this smaller one was in better shape and it was just simply so sweet.

Somehow, timing and schedules worked out the very next day for the both of us to stop in the store together. I don’t know what I was expecting, I just was just hoping it was still there to show him. We walked in and I was shocked that no one had picked up these treasures yet. But that was only part of the surprise. The price was slashed. Like majorly cut. An employee walked by and Chad said,

“Excuse me, can you go any lower on this?”
(any lower?! I love this bargaining man!)

to which she replied,

“No, I just marked it down but it is scratch off day-you can scratch off additional savings up to 20%”

We looked at each other (already thrilled by the new tag price) and went up to the registers and chose a coupon to scratch off

not 5%, not 10%, not 15%

We got the whole 20% off!
plus the usual “Club Goodwill” discount
(yes, there is such a club)

And so, this lovely came home with us-for the price of a shirt.

Look at these colors.

The scallop detail.

I love a one-of-a-kind find, I love a phenomenal price and I love it in my office.


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