We Saw Your Face, You Are Our Son

November 05, 2013

This past weekend we took the boys out to share some exciting family news with them. We were so thrilled to tell them they are going to be big brothers and we showed them photos of their brother in China.

BoysReactionSo much excitement and a lot of  “ooh’s”, “ahh’s and “wow’s” were shouted out.
They instantly started talking of what they were going to teach him.

Now, I’ll back up and explain how we got to this point.

There are a few ways to find your child and one of those is being matched from the “Shared List” that comes out monthly from China. To be ready to receive a referral from the shared list, you have to be “logged in” and we had gotten our logged in date in late September. While which week of the month the shared list comes out has been a bit sporadic lately, it always comes out on a Monday night (Tues AM China time).

A couple weeks back on a Friday morning we received an email from our agency notifying us that the list would be released the next Monday night. I knew this would be our first opportunity to possibly receive a referral, but I wasn’t sure that it would happen so soon and was prepared to not hear any news. But I still sent an email to family, asking them to pray for God’s timing and His perfect match.

Now, of course I’ve had many lessons in God’s timing not being my own and little did I know I was about to be schooled again. Shortly after sending that email to family, we got another email from our social worker basically stating “we got a surprising file in and wanted to know if you and Chad wanted to take a look. It’s an adorable boy and he has a special need that you don’t have noted.”

This isn’t how it was supposed to happen. Chad was supposed to be next to me and we would be sitting at the computer together, waiting for a possible referral together and viewing it together. Instead I was instantly texting him and googling a special need I didn’t know anything about. Should we view this file? If we did, we were told we had to give an answer back by Monday.

I feel the need to interject something here about our agency mentioning the file was a boy. Contrary to what many think (and we had this misconception too), the majority of children waiting for homes (at least in the SN program) in China are boys. While there are a few reasons for this, one is simply that families are specifically waiting for girls. (As was every other family with our agency)

Think about this.
Think about a boy’s file being passed up simply because he is a boy.
Does that make being a boy another “label” on a child in an orphanage that just needs a family and home?
We are parents of boys, so this became a bit unsettling for us.

We said “yes” to viewing this file and I saw his face and learned his name. I was sending Chad information as I could and texted him photos and we spent the weekend learning about this little boy and talking to professionals. We quickly knew we were backing out of the shared list on Monday night because God had brought us a son and on that Monday we put in a Letter of Intent for him.

He has bright eyes and according to his information we think he is full of spunk and we know he will fit right in with his brothers. Colton and Beckham picked out photos of him that are theirs to put where they want. I thought they may want to put his picture up in their bedrooms but I have found his photos multiple times amongst their Star Wars toys.
This makes my momma heart so happy, because I know how much they love those toys and I know they are going to be such wonderful big brothers.
Beckham told me today he wants to teach him to eat pasta and cake with a fork (this coming from a boy who holds a utensil in one hand while piling food into his mouth with his other)
Colton told me he wants to teach him vowels. (fun?)
I’ll be asking them this question each day.

Yesterday, we got word that we got our PA (our Pre-Approval for China to view our dossier for this specific boy).
Another celebration!

We are now on a wait for LOA (Letter of Acceptance) and hope to travel next Spring. We are so excited to bring him home!
And we are so thankful.


We still have a lot of funds to raise and we recently re-opened a t-shirt/sweatshirt fundraiser and wanted to share the link again.
We need to sell 50 tees so the fundraiser doesn’t get cancelled and we have about 20 days left to do so.
Thank you!


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