and so it began

December 15, 2012


This large beast sits in our garage. I’m so fond of it that I feel like it should have a name & be part of our family-like an old, beloved car.

When Chad and I were engaged we frequented our local paper and stationery store to get inspiration for how we wanted to design our wedding invitations. That is where the love of letterpress began. Thick, textured paper with a print that literally “leaves an impression.”

 After a little research we learned of a few presses for sale nearby, across the state line. We loaded up some family and friends and headed to Sleepy Hollow, IL where we met the sweetest, older couple selling parts of their family business.

 They showed us the one we were going to take home, gave us a quick run down, handed us some miscellaneous supplies and we loaded the 1000+ lb machine into a moving truck.

And so, it began...


We had a lot to learn (and still do) but it has been a lot of fun researching, meeting people and learning a new (actually, old) art form through trial and error.

Fancy That Letterpress Co. recently evolved into Fancy That Design House & Co. to incorporate more than letterpress stationery. To check out our letterpress products, you can check out this section of the Etsy shop.

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